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          Sinomega has established its Analysis Center(Laboratory) strictly in accordance with the GLP(API), and equipped with sophisticated equipments, well-trained and qualified personnel. All raw materials, in-process products and the finished products before being released are to be strictly tested and analyzed. Every testing equipment and method has been thoroughly calibrated and verified to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results. Further more than those conventional tests, Sinomega cooperates South China University of Technology both testing and technique developments, so Sinomega maintains its position with cutting-edge technologies and un-paralleled qualities.
      1.Establish GLP and carry out strictly.
      2.Carry out daily maintenance and testing on equipments and agents.
      3.Carry out full scale tests and issue certificate of analysis for all raw materials, on-process products and finished products according to the established specifications.
      4.Constitute procedures for sampling and material storage.
      5.Verify testing procedures and methods.
      6.Proceed studies of Oxidation Stabilities to determine the shelf life of raw materials and expiry date of finished products.
      7.Improve production techniques.

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